Keelings Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

A Message from our CEO

“At Keelings, we are committed to supporting our people. With over 2,700 employees from 58 nationalities across 7 countries, we actively promote diversity and inclusivity across our teams. I am delighted to say that the results from our first gender pay report, show that the work we have engaged in over the last number of years has been effective in promoting gender balance across our business.

Keeling’s mean gender pay gap across our three business units within the reporting scope for 2022 sees Logistics with a minus 12.6% score, Farms at 3%, and Retail at 11.6%. The national mean gender pay gap in Ireland is estimated to be 11.3% and an EU average of 13%. In some businesses, we have a higher proportion of women in senior roles and in other businesses, there are more males in senior positions. Keelings have a relatively balanced gender representation across our business.

We are committed to equality across our business and we have numerous initiatives in place to achieve this, with a particular focus around; talent attraction at all levels from graduate to senior executive level, introducing a new framework to develop skillsets to progress through levels across the organisation, and developing a new career path framework to ensure our people have a clear progression path within our business.”

– Caroline Keeling, Chief Executive Officer, Keelings

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of men and women across a workforce, it compares the pay of all working men and all working women. It does not indicate an absence of equal pay for equal value work, but it does report a gender representation gap and will capture whether women are equally represented across the organisation at all levels.

Our Values

We believe we have built our business based on quality, innovation, customer care and great people. Over the past 96 years, our values have guided our business throughout its evolution and growth, and they remain at the core of our business today.

Keelings Findings: Business Units Reports

Keelings Findings

Business Units Report Summary

Overview of Results

Factors Driving Statistics

Pay Quartile Figures

Gender balance within each pay quartile

The figures on the left represent the percentage of females/males that fall into each pay quartile

Gender Bonus & Benefit in Kind

Percentage Differences

The figures outline the percentage of men and women who received bonuses and the percentage gap between them.

The figures outline the percentage of men and women who received benefits in kind.

Part-time & Temporary Contract Employees

Gender Pay Gap: Mean & Median

Logistics & Retail: More women at all levels avail of part time positions

Retail: More men avail of temporary contract positions within operational roles

Our Actions

One Keelings

Encouraging career development across our business:

  • We work together as a One Keelings team and we are committed to improving gender balance across all our business functions
  • We actively encourage individuals to go forward for opportunities that arise across our various business units
  • We have put new systems in place to promote a One Keelings work environment so we can learn from each other and understand other business functions which will make it easier to transfer skills to another business unit.

Our Actions

Supporting talent from recruitment through to development

Talent Acquisition

  • Supporting gender balance for all hires.
  • We endeavour to achieve a gender balanced short list of candidates.
  • When actively approaching passive candidates, there is a conscious effort to ensure we are targeting female talent
  • We are working on external content publishing case study testimonials on female talent success stories in the business
  • Operations Skilled Roles: We are encouraging more females to apply for skilled roles traditionally perceived as male roles, by engaging with them on the pack house floors.

Career Development

  • We are implementing a groupwide job level framework that will provide insights into gender balance at each level. In addition, we will map competencies to allow progression through levels across the organisation

Career Pathway

  • We are establishing a new career path framework.
  • For key roles, this will create transparency as to what development is required for progression.

Our Commitments

Measures being taken to close & reduce any gaps

  • Flexible Working policy: We have introduced a suite of flexible working options
  • Graduate Recruitment: We are targeting 50/50 shortlist for 2023
  • Mentoring Programmes: We are launching a new mentoring programme for talent development
  • Maternity Leave: We offer paid maternity leave
  • Cross – Business Careers: We launched unconscious bias training to eliminate gender bias and Diversity, equality & inclusivity training in 2022