Keelings Las Brisas is Carbon Neutral

Keelings are delighted to announce their Keelings Las Brisas pineapple farm in Costa Rica, was awarded a carbon neutral certification by SCS Global Services effective the 2nd February 2024.

This new accreditation is part of a much larger focus that the Keelings business is working towards as part of its Better Food Better World purpose.

The Keelings Las Brisas farm is over 1041 hectares in total and more than 25% of the area remains as a preserved rainforest which Keelings also have a certification in Rainforest Alliance, since April 2010.

Keelings Las Brisas currently grow over 18 million pineapples, specifically MD-2 variety including their award winning KOL’OR pineapple. Keelings pineapples are available to purchase in North America and in over 26 countries across Europe.

This new certification was achieved after a comprehensive audit, conducted by SCS during November and December 2023. A Carbon Neutral Certification demonstrates Keelings leadership and commitment to decarbonization and neutralization by meeting the requirements of PAS 2060, the international standard for carbon neutrality. A Carbon Neutral Certification will differentiate Keelings as environmentally responsible and will align Keelings with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This audit reviewed all aspects of production and their related emissions. The results illustrate that over 80% of the emissions are neutralized by the rainforest within Las Brisas. In addition to being carbon neutral the farm has other outstanding practices such as:

  • Clear demarcation between production and forestry.
  • Establishment of buffer zones and non-application of agrochemicals between the crop and the forest.
  • Protection of a declared wetland.
  • Leading good practice in soil preparation by reusing the organic material.
  • Since Keelings bought the farm in 2020 2,257 trees have been planted in areas of natural regeneration.
  • A forest tree nursery has been created for planting in Las Brisas and donated to neighboring farms and the local community.

This certification is credit to the incredible teamwork and integrity that all of the team demonstrate on a daily basis as they strive to produce incredible tasting and carbon neutral pineapples.

Keelings are committed to protecting the environment and in particular the trees, wildlife and natural eco-systems that encompass their farm. The objective of this Project is to maintain carbon neutrality and work to improve its internal processes to be self-sufficient within a period of 2 to 5 years.

Val Hoch, Chief of Staff for Keelings International

Steven Fagg, CEO Keelings International

About Keelings

Keelings Las Brisas operate as part of Keelings International and is part of the overall Keelings Group, headquartered in Co. Dublin, Ireland. The Keelings group acquired the Las Brisas pineapple farm in December 2020 and since then, the team of over 430 employees have aligned to deliver on the company purpose, Better Food Better World.

The Keelings group are a 98-year-old family business operating within the Fresh produce industry since 1926. Headquartered in Co. Dublin, Ireland, Keelings owns and farms over 3,000 hectares across Ireland, Costa Rica and Brazil. They source fresh produce from over 46 countries worldwide, supplying over 1000 customers and employ over 2,700 people, across 7 countries.

About SCS

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