Keelings Gender Pay Gap Report 2023


At Keelings we are committed to supporting our People. As a company deeply rooted in our values, including People Matter, we’re always striving to create and promote an inclusive and diverse workplace where every individual can thrive.

We currently employ over 2700 employees, including 58 nationalities across 7 countries. Keelings actively promote gender equality and our culture is one where gender does not limit anyone’s opportunities within our business. We are committed to closing the gender pay gap and ensuring that every individual, regardless of their gender, can reach their full potential.

This report looks at our three business units within the reporting scope for 2023; Logistics, Farms and Retail. The gender pay gap report provides a snapshot of where we stand today and serves as a roadmap for our future. While we have reduced the gender pay gap in areas, there is always more that can be done.

Keeling’s mean gender pay gap across our three business units sees Logistics at 0.8%, Farms at 4.8%, and Retail at 10.5%. The national mean gender pay gap in Ireland in 2022 is 9.6% according to the Central Statistics Office.

At Keelings we are committed to continuous improvements within our business and this report highlights some of the initiatives we have introduced to address any gaps including new family friendly policies and a capability framework to support the career development and wellbeing of our teams.

See link to Keelings Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 here.